„Good mood, happy people and a lot of recognition The trainer and consultant Michael Strachowitz refers about his visit at the successful Rentierzy.FM-organization: Many trips to different countries belong to my professional life. However, some travel will never be forgotten. For example my visit to the fast-growing network marketing organization of family Cybul, top executives. On the weekend seminar in which I was allowed to participate in Poznan, I met so many enthusiastic people who not only were full of joy working hard on achieving their goals, but also have their heart in the right place. Here on the weekend seminar of Rentierzy I could practically see what the sentence means: „If your business moves from the head to the heart, then you are successful!” Not always I’ve been blessed in my work, to see so many smiling faces, as on this weekend in January 2013 in Poznan. Here, almost all participants showed to me the most important prerequisite for the success: Burning Passion! So it’s only obvious, that the speakers I could listen to where full of energy, making the audience really excited. Especially remarkable was the age of many leaders I could see there: Seldom before I’ve seen so many rather young people being so successful, having the right attitude to be real leaders in network-marketing. Respect! The first-class organization of the seminar has certainly contributed to the fact that all the way here was worthwhile. Because really, everything worked – from audio visual equipment about the timing, to the excellent service! I felt it at all times and in so many small occasions: Here are professionals at work! Therefore, I’m quite sure that the Rentierzy-Group is one of the big European network- marketing-associations. Thank you for letting me with you there on that weekend and all the best for your future operations!”

Michael Strachowitz, doradca i trener w zakresie network marketingu

„Rentierzy.FM-organization did an amazing job on organizing the training we did for them in Poland. All of your people in your group were very friendly and appreciative of the experience we shared with them. We were most excited that there were so many young people that have the vision of network marketing. It was a very exciting time for all. We especially loved the way you recognized all of your people. The dinner and dancing was outstanding. The whole program was very well organized and we enjoyed our time with all of them very much and looking forward to seeing everyone again in the future.”

Don & Nancy Failla, autorzy książki 45-sekundowa prezentacja

„It was a pleasure to work with Rentierzy.FM! We had a FANTASTIC event in Poznań, with such HIGH ENERGY! Thank you to all the POSITIVE and HAPPY people that were there. It was a privilege to meet everyone, and I’d also like to thank Krzysztof and Mirka for putting it all together. The fact the you promote continuing personal development and education to your people is a true testament to your strength as leaders. My message to rentierzy.FM: do dzieła! Aloha and Continued Success!”

Ron Salvador – instruktor Rich dad

„What impresses me the most about the Rentierzy.FM group is they have created a system that allows everyone to succeed through structure yet allows everyone to create their own freedom. They have realised that training is not an option, it is the key to creating the maximum success. That is why this is a World-class organisation that is producing world-class results. Rock on!!”

Ed Ludbrook – światowej sławy, czołowy trener firm i liderów
w dziedzinie marketingu sieciowego

„Kilka zdań o grupie Rentierzy, to tak jak wlać łyżkę wody do oceanu i obserwować kiedy ocean się podniesie. Ogólnie mówiąc, wszyscy czynni dystrybutorzy z Krzysztofem Cybul zrobiliście ogromny krok w dziedzinie MLM, w nowym wydaniu MLM! Sposób działania i Wasza determinacja została nagrodzona wynikami. Po wzorce sięgaliście z najwyższej półki (Michael Strachowiz, Don&Nancy Failla, Edward Ludbrook, Ron Salvador i wielu innych). Wtłoczyliście do grupy Rentierzy.FM nowe spojrzenie na marketing wielopoziomowy. Bywając na waszych wydarzeniach czułem od samego początku, że ta praca w zespołach przełoży się na świetne efekty! Rentierzy.FM to wspaniale wyszkoleni ludzie w MLM a firma ma powód do dumy widząc obrót punktowy i odbierane Mercedesy! Bariery i inne przeszkody zostały za Wami, a przed Wami: miliony ludzi, którzy chcą odnieść taki sam sukces jak Wy moi drodzy!”

Andrzej Wyszyński – Diamentowa Orchidea